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All about U-Sold It

This is where you come to find out what U-Sold It all about, who we are and what got us started.

U-Sold It sprouted from the idea that we were having fun selling the odd item here and there on eBay. Making a couple of dollars as we went. Always being amazed at what people will pay for things. Funny, the old adage "One man's junk is another man's treasure" is true and alive on eBay.  After losing my job to a lay-off, I started to think about the potential of something part-time or spare time involving eBay. Something that I could still do once I got back to work, just to generate a little extra income, but also something that had the potential to grow and become my full-time career. The hardest part was trying to come up with a product to sell. I just couldn't seem to think of anything that wasn't already being sold or distributed on eBay.

Then it hit me. What
had we been selling in the past? Our old stuff that we would someday either giveaway or throw away. Or something we would pick up at a tag sale for a few dollars, knowing full well that it is worth much more on eBay than we paid.

Still I was not totally convinced this would be the way to go. After talking with several people about my predicament and mentioning my thoughts about eBay. I started to hear the same phrases coming from different people. "I've got some stuff I'd like to sell on eBay but I don't have the time to get involved with it" or "I just can't be bothered with having a tag sale, I don't have the time"
or "I just took the stuff to the Salvation Army because I didn't know what else to do with it." That's when I realized that we should help other people sell their stuff. Give them an alternative and the opportunity to make a couple of dollars for themselves at the same time.

So here we are. Family run.  Not a franchise. locally Owned and Operated.  Acting as your online consignment shop to get your items exposed to the Wild, Wide World of eBay. Now you won't have to stand in your yard all day watching over that tag sale and being asked the same old question - "this is marked twenty five cents, will you take a nickel for it?"
No more selling your items for pennies!

You can rest assured that U-Sold It will treat your items with the same pride and professionalism we would treat our own. We will strive to uphold a respected and trusted name for ourselves within the eBay community. We take great pride in achieving a 100% positive feedback rating with our personal eBay account -
Beckgroup. We will strive to do the same with U-Sold It. We have been a member of the eBay community since 11/04/2000. I just recently got the U-Soldit eBay ID (5/07/04) to continue the name recognition with the service we are providing. That is why our feedback rating is so low. But trust me, we will be making every effort to change that number to 100's of positive responses.

Well, that's my story.... At least the one I'm stickin' to right now anyway.

NOW IT's YOUR TURN - Let U-Sold It help you turn that clutter into CASH !

All you have to do is contact U-Sold It:

Please only contact us if you are in the central CT area.  There are no other branches of U-Sold It in the country.
  eFax U-Sold It at (315) 634-3933   via Email using our Contact Form
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