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How it Works !

3 Simple Steps - U-Sold It simplifies the whole eBay selling process for you

Step 1 - Contact U-Sold It
- Fax or email U-Sold It with a brief description of the item or items you would like to sell. U-Sold It will setup an appointment to finalize all of the sale details. During this time U-Sold It will work with you to capture all of the key points about your items, so that U-Sold It may create the perfect listing with eBay. Once your item is checked-in, it will be professionally photographed, a detailed listing prepared and posted on eBay, U-Sold It will manage all email with potential buyers, secure payment, and finally, professionally pack and ship your item off to it's new owner. 

Step 2 - The Hard Parts Over, Sit back and Watch the fun!
As soon as your item is listed on eBay, U-Sold It will email you the link to your item so that you can watch the fun. This part is almost as much fun as you getting your check.  While your item is listed for sale, U-Sold It will continually monitor it's progress and respond to any email inquiries regarding your item.  Once we have a winning buyer, U-Sold It will make arrangements and secure payment from the buyer for your auction and professionally pack and ship your item off to it's new owner.  THE U-SOLD IT PROMISE - We do not ship any item out until all monies are collected and deposited in our bank account - no exceptions!  And finally, U-Sold It will track each shipment to its destination to make sure that the item arrives at it's new home.

Step 3 - Watch your mailbox for your Check!
Once your item as sold, U-Sold It will contact the winning bidder, arrange for payment and collect funds then professionally pack and ship your item to it's new owner. Once the transaction is complete, WE SEND YOU A CHECK. No Fuss, No Muss.


All you have to do is contact U-Sold It:

Please only contact us if you are in the central CT area. There are no other branches of U-Sold It in the country.
  eFax U-Sold It at (315) 634-3933   via Email using our Contact Form
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